The ongoing saga of the pseudo-phantom rumbling Sixaxis continues. Most believe it absolutely exists – or will exist – but Sony has yet to step up and say, "yes, it's coming, and here's when it's coming." Despite all that, though, another source is claiming confirmation.

According to Innerbits, it seems these new force-feedback controllers have arrived in the hands of several Sony developers. Obviously, they're keeping it quiet for the time being, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

"We can confirm that prototypes of the new rumble-enabled controllers have made their way to various Sony developers. Information on these controllers is still closely held by Sony and their partners, but an official announcement and unveiling is expected in the next two to three months. Leipzig is the most obvious guess for this unveiling, but we believe Sony is going to withhold the controllers until they can launch them to coincide with support from enough developers."

Furthermore, Innerbits has said Sony is silently phasing out the controllers that launched with the PS3. Hardware updates have occurred over the past 10 months, and Sony has evidently improved the fidelity of the Sixaxis' motion sensing; it seems the first batch "suffered from too much of a dead zone." No controller has ever been subject to so much controversy and debate in its first year of existence, but hey, it's a brave new world. We'll let you know if any of this can be confirmed in the near future.

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