If you needed any further evidence of the next-gen wars heating up, just head on over to Amazon.com and check out their top selling list for video games. As you can see, the PS3 has overtaken the Nintendo Wii, which has been the most popular next-gen console of the year by far until now.

The battle really began when Sony announced the $100 price drop for the 60GB PS3 model during the second week of July, and the PS3 immediately jumped into the top three. But finally, Sony's machine has topped Nintendo's, and of course, it's primarily due to the lower price point. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the new 80GB PS3 – priced at $599 – is introduced this month…the bundle does feature MotorStorm , but many have called the price drop only "temporary" due to the fact the 60GB model will be phased out.

Obviously, the Wii maintains a huge lead over both the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the gap is likely to shrink as 2007 continues. Sony and Microsoft have a ridiculously packed software holiday schedule, remember, and that 60GB PS3 will still be around. Yes, they're warring in the new generation, and it's no longer a lopsided battle.

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