Earlier this year, Warhawk provided us with a ton of news, primarily due to the back-and-forth details of the downloadable version of the game. And at this point, while we know all about the Blu-Ray version – priced at $59.99, comes with a Bluetooth headset, slated for end of August – we still don't have a date or price for the PlayStation Store version.

1Up delves deeper into the situation, and has said Sony still refuses to provide a price.

"No news yet on the pricing of Warhawk for download. I would recommend you keep your eye on our blog for an announcement soon," said SCEA Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Dave Karraker. "Response to date from those in the Warhawk beta has been outstanding, so we think it will do very well. We will be pricing it to match what we are delivering in terms of graphics, gameplay, fun-factor and repeat playability, which we think is quite high."

Thing is, we also aren't entirely sure what the differences will be between the Blu-Ray and downloadable versions. We've got rumors, speculation, and even a few semi-official details, but beyond that, nothing. 1Up has a poll going (posted at the end of their article ), asking consumers what they'd be willing to pay for the downloadable version of Warhawk . And apparently, Sony will be watching that poll. So make your mark, and whenever Sony decides to step forward and provide the full pricing and release date details, we'll be sure to let you know.

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