Fighting games have always maintained a pretty simple format: land enough blows to completely deplete your opponent's health bar, and score the victory. But it seems Soul Calibur IV will feature something very new in the realm of fighters.

According to the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the highly anticipated title will allow fighters to get the win in another way… This could mean one-hit kills, or something, but we're not really sure because the comments in the magazine aren't very specific.

"Now there's a gameplay element that will let you win that doesn't involve the health gauge," said lead programmer Masaaki Hoshino in the magazine's feature.

The article speculates that we could see " Bushido Blade -style instant kills," which would be a gigantic addition to the franchise. We have no idea how long-term fans of Soul Calibur will respond to such a new gameplay mechanic, but on the other hand, we need more information on this feature. Can it only happen at certain times? Can you only execute it when your opponent is vulnerable, and you have to tap out a complex button pattern? But then again, he doesn't say "instant win," he simply hints at another way of landing a victory that "doesn't involve the health gauge."

Well, we'll keep track of any future Soul Calibur IV developments, and attempt to nail down more specifics regarding this intriguing new fighting option.

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