Earlier this year, many publishers seemed hesitant to heap praise upon the PS3, but as time has gone on, more have decided Sony's new console is indeed a great machine. Some have even taken it a step further by saying the PS3 was worth the admittedly steep $600 price tag, and now, another has added his voice to the crowd.

Eidos CEO Bill Gardner said in a recent interview with GamesIndustry.biz that he doesn't believe the price is too high, but still conceded that even the $100 price drop might not be enough to convince the mass market.

"Sony is a big company. They know what they are doing," Gardner said. "I don’t think [the price cut] is enough to reach the mass consumer, but I think it is enough to get it moving again, and it will move a little bit further, and they’ll need to do it again and it will move a bit further."

Gardner goes on to say the PS3 is a "good value" considering it features a Blu-Ray player at a competitive price point. For a while, the PS3 was the cheapest BD player on the market – Sony recently introduced a $500 player – and it's still the only one that can also play regular DVDs. Quite simply, Gardner said- "Go buy an HD or a Blu-ray player. Go ahead. Tell me what it costs you. Then take a look at the PS3."

Well, he certainly has a point. And with Blu-Ray trouncing HD-DVD in the early stages of this next-generation format war, Blu-Ray is rapidly becoming a bigger and bigger selling point of the PS3. Gardner concluded by saying the following-

"I don’t think [PS3 is too expensive. I do think we’ll start to see additional people pick it up and use it, maybe not necessarily exclusively as a game player but as a Blu-ray player and a game player, and there is an advantage to that."

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