Now I don't normally write news articles about store A or
store B offering a console at a certain price, but I figured that
perhaps this was pretty news-worthy stuff, here. We all know
about the price-drop of the 60GB PS3, right? The 60GB version is
retailing for $499 a every retailer. But what many don't know is
that whatever stock that has remained of the 20GB PlayStation 3s
is back up for sale at a number of retailers, and it's selling
for $450.

EB Games/GameStop is one of those retailers, and they have a
one-per-customer stock depletion of the 20GB PlayStation 3's for
$450. If the memory stick pro/pro duo, SD/mini-SD, and CF readers
aren't that important to you (you can always utilize USB
thumbdrives instead for the same purposes), then swinging for the
20GB PlayStation 3 isn't a bad idea, at all. Additionally, even
though the HDD is 20GB, the ability to simply swap out the stock
HDD for any other hard-drive in less than a minute is great.

If you're interested, visit this EB Games link to order. And
because the 20GBs were discontinued earlier on in the year, I
suggest you hurry, because the sale won't last very long.

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