Sony is getting sued for patent infringement again, guys. This time the claim against Sony cites infringement over the Cell and its parallel processing feature. And who is suing them? A company actually called Parallel Processing Corporation (PPC), located in Newport Beach, CA.

They claim that Sony has breached onto a patent of theirs called "synchronized parallel processing with shared memory" which they had approved 16 years ago in 1991. Though, interestingly enough, GameSpot reports that the patent was assigned originally to International Parallel Machines, but PPC claims they are the exclusive licensee.

The five-page document targets the PlayStation 3 as one of the products allegedly infringing on the patent. Of course, as customary with these lawsuits, the company aims to make some insane demands such as removal of the PlayStation 3 from the market, damages and attorney fees with interest. Oh, come on.

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