Following the previous week's powerful show, the Nintendo Wii
continued to trek on strong by selling another 87k systems for
Nintendo. With a bunch of new software, the Nintendo DS saw
another boost in sales with over 154k moved. The PSP saw a
decline in sales down to 32k, meanwhile the PlayStation 3 remains
largely where it's been at for the past few weeks.

Next week, I'm anticipating a pretty significant boost for the
console, as Hot Shots Golf 5 has been released in Japan this week
– reportedly selling 150k on its first day. Likewise, the
PlayStation 3 bundle that features Hot Shots Golf 5 packed in is
supposed to be going on sale this week in Japan, as well and
that's another hot ticket item for Sony.

Unfortunately, following HSG5, the PlayStation 3 will not be
seeing any noteworthy software again for quite some time.

Nintendo DS 154,504
Nintendo Wii 86,786
Sony PSP 32,894
Sony PS2 14,059
Sony PS3 12,187
Xbox 360 2,664

July 9th-15th:

Nintendo DS 141,982
Nintendo WII 109,854
Sony PSP 37,578
Sony PS2 15,777
Sony PS3 13,493
Xbox 360 2,942

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