For the week of July 9th-15th, Nintendo performed
exceptionally well, as sales of the Wii exceeded 100k, to sell
110k consoles. The biggest driving force behind that was due to
the launch of Dragon Quest Swords, as the game debuted strongly
at number on the top 10 software chart. The DS continues to sell
above all, and the PSP is still hovering around its stapled mark
with 37.5k sold. The PS3 continues to remain above 10k, with
13.5k systems sold. The Xbox 360 took in a mere 3k.

Nintendo DS 141,982
Nintendo WII 109,854
Sony PSP 37,578
Sony PS2 15,777
Sony PS3 13,493
Xbox 360 2,942

June 2nd-8th:

Nintendo DS 139,286
Nintendo Wii 75,279
Sony PSP 32,946
Sony PS2 14,120
Sony PS3 12,691
Xbox 360 2,370

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