It will certainly be one of the hottest games of the year, and many fans are simply aching for any fresh details. Any news concerning Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is big news, at this point, and the latest is sure to get people talking: according to PS-Gamer and recent reports from Germany, Prologue will be playable at the Leipzig Games Convention in August.

This information was taken from the age ratings issued by Germany's USK board, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (GC-Demo) was cleared for all ages. Therefore, Polyphony's teaser demo, which is expected to hit in the U.S. some time this year, should be available for play at Europe's upcoming video games event. Furthermore, everyone is hoping that once they unveil the demo at Leipzig, it might appear on the PlayStation Store…which, of course, would be ridiculously sweet.

Now, technically, Prologue is basically a demo of the final version of Gran Turismo 5 , so even if it's released on Blu-Ray disc, a Store appearance of a playable demo would be…umm…a demo for a demo. Then again, maybe it won't be playable, but Sony has already released two videos of Prologue on the Store. We really don't know what will happen next month, but it certainly seems inevitable that this one will get some air time at the show.

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