Thanks to several recent interviews with the development team, we learned that the PS3 version of DiRT: Colin McRae is the best one out there. We've had to wait a bit longer for it, but hey, it should be worth the wait (especially for Rally fans).

Perhaps to drive the point home even more, Codemasters Europe has apparently announced that DiRT on the PS3 will be released in a special steelbook edition. We have no idea if this edition will feature special extras and options – as most tend to do – and we also don't know if the price will be increased to the typical $69.99. But European site PS3Only has learned of the confirmation via the game's publishers, so it seems legit.

We know this one runs and looks better on the PS3, due to the developer's effort to optimize DiRT for Sony's complicated next-gen system. But what could be included in this steelbook edition…? As soon as we discover the details, we'll be sure to let you know.

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