This is one rumor that should be verified or debunked at some point today, but the news is just too big to ignore until the official announcement.

David Jaffe has a big announcement planned for later on, but for now, the popular Internet rumor is that he's forming a new studio with Sony Computer Entertainment of America's backing. Obviously, the purpose of this new team will be to develop PlayStation titles; specifically, PlayStation Network titles. It could include most of the same members who worked with Jaffe on the recently released Calling All Cars .

Of course, everyone is hoping for some news concerning a next-gen Twisted Metal , which has been rumored for some time now. Many will even go so far as to say that Sony is simply covering it up for the time being…could they be waiting for Jaffe to announce it? He did conduct that Twisted Metal -related roundtable discussion a few weeks ago, and we've been wondering what that was for. Either way, we wait for the announcement with bated breath and will update as soon as we hear it.

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