SEGA of America today announced the development of Full Auto 2: Battlelines, set to ship later this fall exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Like its predecessor, which recently landed on the Xbox 360 platform, Battlelines will be a combat-racing game where players can use their vehicle's weapons to destroy the environment and stop their opponents. The PS3 game will feature an entirely new set of vehicles and courses, as well as a new arena mode, which will offer team play.

"The destructible environments in Full Auto 2: Battlelines are both stunning and strategic, especially in multiplayer combat," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "The gameplay innovations of tactical destruction and team multiplayer vehicular mayhem combined with the tremendous power of Sony's PlayStation 3 console makes this sequel truly the next generation of combat racing."

Full Auto 2: Battlelines, currently being developed by Pseudo Interactive, has been combat-enhanced and fully re-designed with an extensive list of features entirely new to the franchise. Players can get behind the wheel of 25 different vehicles ranging from classic muscle cars and low riders to monstrous SUVs and industrial vehicles, each of which can be customized with more than 20 explosive weapons as well as multiple paint schemes and wheel styles. Taking on more than 20 tracks in the game, players will immediately notice how Full Auto 2: Battlelines pushes next-generation technological boundaries with breathtaking displays of destruction, physics, and speed.

In the new multi-path single player campaign, players battle to take control of Staunton City by conquering the six different districts and taking control of opponent cars and weapons. The game's six different carnage-filled multiplayer modes, which incorporate team play and objectives ranging from classic deathmatches to unique base assaults and gladiator-style gameplay, deliver a diverse range of competitive options. The sequel implements the fan-favorite "Unwreck" feature, which allows players to turn back time and take another shot at a treacherous turn, avoid a deadly obstacle, or simply avoid enemy fire.

SEGA will make screenshots of the game available next week, during E3. We'll stop by their booth to get some hands-on time with the game and report back with impressions.

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