Throughout most of 2007, sales of the PS3 have lagged. But with the advent of the price drop and a great E3 showing, Sony has seen a steep increase in sales of their next-gen system. Yesterday, Sony revealed their fiscal year 2007 Q1 earnings, and worldwide sales of the PS3 currently sit at 4.48 million. Further, they expect to hit 14.5 million units sold by the end of March 2008.

Of that 4.48 million, 3.57 million came in the final half of the previous year (Sony only managed to sell about 700,000 PS3s in the first quarter of 2007), and they intend to sell more than 10 million more systems over the next three quarters. So the PS3 is experiencing quite the upswing, but both the PS2 and PSP continue to perform even better. The PS2 remains amazingly strong, as 2.7 million units sold in the first quarter of 2001; 400,000 more than Sony sold in Q1 2006. PSP sales rose even further: Sony reported selling 2.14 million units, a year-over-year increase of 700,000. Sony expects sales of the PS2 to top 10 million in fiscal 2007, and they anticipate that sales of the PSP will hit 9 million units.

These results are good news for Sony, especially in the PS3 department. And with a huge fall and winter on the way – software-wise – it's not surprising to hear the company's fiscal 2007 projections.

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