This week on the PlayStation Network, you can expect to login and find a demo of one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games: Heavenly Sword. Having been debuted with the revelation of the PS3 back in E3 2005, Heavenly Sword is finally nearing completion and will be arriving shortly. At E3 2007, the game played quite well, and featured some pretty interesting mechanics. In any case, by the time you read this, the game will be up.

Likewise, new trailers and videos have been added, which include the Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay presentation, the Resident Evil 5 trailer, the Haze trailer, and the entire E3 Sony press conference. In addition to that, GripShift 2.0 has been updated, and is a free download to those who have already purchased the original version of the game. Version 2.0 features a ton of enhancements, such as better loading times and the ability for car customization, car change, level select, control changes, and music shuffle all while you're in game playing a level. Enhanced scoreboards and improved online connectivity have also taken place.

Finally, in the way of movie trailers, additions are: 30 Days of Night, Across the Universe, August Rush, and Vacancy Trailer.

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