After hearing that Famitsu rewarded the long awaited Hot Shots Golf 5 with four 9s , it's no surprise to learn the game is selling like hotcakes in Japan. U.S. gamers may have to wait until October, but the Japanese are snapping up every copy they can find.

According to a recent news post at Gamers-Creed, retailers in Japan are already saying they're sold out of Hot Shots Golf 5 , even after Sony shipped a whopping 300,000 copies. It's estimated that the title has cleared the 150,000 sales mark, and will only keep climbing. We're also wondering about that Hot Shots Golf 5 PS3 bundle that was announced a few months ago for Japan, but it doesn't appear to be available just yet.

While not quite the blockbuster title here, we still expect decent sales for the cartoon-y golf game with a surprisingly deep gameplay mechanic. We'll let you know if and when Sony clarifies that October 2nd U.S. release date; HSG 5 should still be on track.

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