We heard about Gran Turismo 5 Prologue at E3, and then we heard it'd be releasing in Japan this October. But beyond that, we really had no details whatsoever concerning the new, more in-depth, demo. However, the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine sports an interview with GT franchise producer Kazunori Yamauchi, and he provides us with plenty of fresh information.

GT implemented into PlayStation Home?

It would appear so. There is a Home icon on the top menu screen, and Yamauchi said there will be something like a "Gran Turismo World" within Sony's new online service (scheduled to launch this fall). You can go back and forth between Home and Prologue , and as you might expect, there are many other possibilities here…

My Page

Players will see a "My Page" screen when they begin the game, and furthermore, Yamauchi plans to include a Friends list in the final version. You can customize the look of your "page" by changing the background, and it will even provide you with a weather forecast depending on the time and location of your event. Nice!

Chat featured online

The game will sport two separate online modes; one that uses chat and one that doesn't. Why, we're not really sure, but it remains a fact.

How many cars and tracks?

Good news: there will be a grand total of 40 cars and 4 racetracks (with 8 different layouts) available in Prologue . Several of these new courses will be the ones we caught a glimpse of in the E3 trailer, too. However, while GT 5 will more than likely include the option of extra downloadable cars and courses, this demo will not.

It's not "GT" and it's not "Arcade" mode

No, according to the interview, it's somewhere in the middle. As you play, you'll earn money from each race and purchase new cars (just as you would in the final version). There will be normal and tuned cars, but you cannot manually tune your cars. But perhaps best of all, any advancement you make in Prologue can be saved and carried over to Gran Turismo 5 when it's released!

How many cars in the starting grid?

There will be 16 cars in races offline, although it may only be 12 online. Either way, it's a definite increase, and a most appreciated one at that.

Other gameplay modes

Prologue will have a "Normal Mode" (for regular ol' drivers who want to play a mostly realistic simulator) and a "Professional Mode" (only for the hardcore; this mode reflects true-to-life car behavior and physics). Yamauchi said he might also include a B-Spec mode, but he hasn't decided yet.

Okay, now we're officially psyched out of our minds for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue . Bring it!

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