While all rhythm/music genre fans are excited about Rock Band , many were a little concerned about the rumored price tag: a whopping $199. Retailers around the country were listing that price point for the game – presumably so they could take pre-orders – but EA wants to make one thing clear: that $199 is "pure speculation."

Apparently, major U.S. retailers like GameStop/EB and Amazon.com are offering a Rock Band bundle package that includes a copy of the game, plus every possible peripheral (wireless drum kit, guitar, and microphone). The price attached to this bundle is $199.99, and the game itself retails for the standard $59.99. The cost of the peripherals? Well, the guitar will cost you $60, the microphone is $30, and the wireless drum kit is a pricey $80. However, EA says that none of these are confirmed, so we still have no idea how much this game will cost…on the whole, or piecemeal.

EA has said they will provide a "reasonable" price for the game when it releases this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360, but unfortunately, no details beyond this announcement. How much is Rock Band really going to cost?

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