One of the most beloved franchises in Japan has once again hit its mark, according to the recent buzz around the Internet. It seems leaked information taken directly from this month's Famitsu magazine reveals outstanding review scores for Minna no Golf 5 (what we know as Hot Shots Golf 5 ): 9s across the board. That's right, Japan's biggest gaming publication has awarded four 9s to the hotly anticipated title, and that's good news for fans of the franchise.

The game is scheduled to release this week (July 26) in Japan, but U.S. duffers will have to wait until October 2…provided that release date can be believed. Neither Clap Hanz or Sony has issued much in the way of release details over the past few months, so it's hard to say if the October 2 date is written in stone. Ironically enough, the game is scheduled for an August launch in Europe; a region that historically gets titles later than the U.S.

But we do hope Hot Shots Golf 5 arrives in the U.S. in October, because these review scores are very, very encouraging.

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