Most would consider New York to be part of the East Coast, but GameFly hasn't…until now.

A recent e-mail sent out to subscribers has announced that the state of New York is now included in the shipping schedule for GameFly's East Coast Distribution Center. They only recently opened the East Coast offices, which has allowed gamers on this side of the country to receive their games a whole lot faster. But for whatever reason, the online video game renter still used their West Coast center to distribute to New York. Thankfully, it didn't take long to cater more effectively to New York residents.

"Your area will now be supported by this new Shipping Center. Depending on inventory availability, you may continue to receive some shipments out of Los Angeles. We expect your shipping times to improve over the next few months."

Okay, so you guys might still be getting a few titles from L.A., but at least the center closest to home will also be supporting your game renting needs.

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