NPD hardware reports for June 2007 have come out slightly
ahead of schedule. While the results aren't very surprising, Sony
has made a few strides here and there. First off, the Nintendo DS
has sold a staggering 561k handhelds – a truly mind boggling
number. The Nintendo Wii is easing from production constraints,
and thus selling an equally phenomenal 382k units. And fresh off
its price-drop, the PSP went on to sell an impressive 290k
systems. Meanwhile, the seven year old PlayStation 2 took in
another 270k for Sony.

Performance of the Xbox 360 improved with 198k sold. The GameBoy
Advance saw some spark and went on to sell 114k. And the
PlayStation 3 saw a boost of 16k in sales, with 98k consoles
sold. With Sony cutting the price two weeks ago by $100, claiming
doubled sales and retailers announcing sell outs – the July NPD
should be very interesting.

Nintendo DS: 561,000
Nintendo Wii: 381,780
Sony PSP: 290,100
Sony PS2: 270,760
Xbox 360: 198,440
Nintendo GBA: 113,870
Sony PS3: 98,470

May 2007:
Nintendo DS 423k
Nintendo Wii 338k
Sony PSP 221k
Sony PS2 188k
Xbox 360 155k
Sony PS3 82k
Nintendo GBA 80.5k

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