Update: IGN has just confirmed that the demo will indeed release simultaneously across all territories. Sweet!

Original Story:

We've been hearing a lot about a playable demo of Heavenly Sword ; the developers have already said it's "completed," and they're just waiting for the green light from Sony to throw it up on the PlayStation Store. Well, it appears Sony has given Ninja Theory the go-ahead.

According to the UK site, Pro-G, Sony has confirmed that the demo will be released this week, on Thursday, July 26. The game got plenty of attention at E3, and many gamers consider it a solid option amongst a slew of heavy hitters this holiday season. The playable demo will give us an even better idea, as we'll get a chance to see that awesome rope sequence shown at Sony's Gamers Day back in May, plus a bit more in the way of all-out action.

However, bear in mind that Sony confirmed this to a European website, which doesn't necessarily mean the demo will be simultaneously available in the U.S. American gamers may have to wait a bit longer for the Heavenly Sword demo, but hopefully, not much longer…

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