Sometimes, it's all in the way you look at things. Most would consider the recent PS3 sales surge a good thing, despite the fact the system has a ways to go before it reaches either the Wii or Xbox 360. PSP sales are also up, and with the combined announcements of a redesigned PSP, the PS3 sales drop, and a good E3 showing for Sony, things are definitely looking up. But one major publisher still isn't impressed.

According to a rough translation of the company's Q&A session after their latest financial results, Capcom has called PS3 sales "sluggish," and further leveled a shot at the PSP, saying the handheld "hasn't achieved the numbers expected." This sounds more like a typical report from earlier this year, and less like the feedback we've been hearing over the past couple of months. But nevertheless, Capcom still has a lot of questions concerning Sony's hardware.

Remember, Capcom has only recently adopted a multi-platform approach for two of their biggest franchises, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil . The first three DMC installments, for example, were exclusive to the PS2, but DMC 4 is headed to the 360 in addition to the PS3. However, the publisher is also responsible for the Monster Hunter games on the PSP, which have done very well in Japan.

But in Capcom's estimation, Sony still has to prove themselves.

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