Sony enjoyed a great E3 showing (many believe they outclassed both Microsoft and Nintendo at the event), but it seems Sony has more on the way for the Game Developers Conference in Leipzig, Germany next month.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and CEO David Reeves provided a quote to UK site MCV yesterday…and it already has people talking:

"We prefer to make our big statements in Leipzig, it suits us much better," Reeves reportedly told MCV, supposedly hinting that E3 was only the beginning of the big news. "There will be absolute fireworks at peak, that I can promise you. We will be doing things no-one has seen yet for both PS3 and PSP."

It could simply be extra Sony hype, which would make sense, but that can't stop us from pondering those "fireworks." Will more new games be unveiled? Are they going to add another little feature to the redesigned PSP before it releases in September? Will they announce the launch of an open PlayStation Home beta? Well, we won't have to wait too long to find out, and we'll be sure to provide all the up-to-date coverage on GDC 2007.

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