Okay, how many retailers are going to sell out of the PS3 before all is said and done? Wal-Mart sold out of all PS3 stock earlier this week, Amazon sold out even before that, and now, Target joins the ranks of major retailers who can't keep the PS3 on store shelves.

As you can see, it says very plainly, "we're sorry, this item is out of stock." The PS3 price cut, Sony's solid showing at E3, and the imminent software explosion have all contributed to a major sales spike for Sony's next-generation console. Heck, the PS3 even hit the million sales mark in Japan on July 15, which is a huge deal. The Nintendo Wii still holds a substantial lead, but many analysts believe that won't last.

This is all great news, but let's just hope Sony keeps the stores stocked. Provided they hit all their manufacturing goals – and it looks like they should – they have a chance of reclaiming the lead this generation. So far, summer is a very good time for Sony and the PS3.

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