Initially, Fatal Inertia was supposed to be an early PS3 release, but lately, the game has run into serious difficulties. The latest announcement isn't good news, either, as it appears the game just isn't "running well enough" with the Unreal engine on the PS3.

According to GamesRadar, while the Xbox 360 version is still on schedule, the PS3 version needs some tender loving care. A Koei representative told them the delay is due to "difficulties" with the Unreal Engine's performance on Sony's hardware. The rep apparently didn't go into specifics, but we're starting to question if we'll ever see this game on the PS3.

The Unreal Engine is awfully popular these days, and with so many developers utilizing the mechanic for creating games on the PS3, we wonder what's going on…Koei perhaps isn't familiar with the engine running on the PS3? We can't say, but right now, you shouldn't hold your breath for Fatal Inertia appearing on the PS3 this year.

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