Sony apparently had a mini-surprise lined up for today on the PlayStation Store, one that will likely make a whole lot of old-school gamers happy.

Today's PlayStation Store update includes plenty of trailers and videos, and while you would think the two Gran Turismo 5 Prologue videos would take center stage, that aforementioned surprise one-ups them: it's the classic – hell, legendary – PS1 title, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night !

The game will cost you $9.99 in contrast to the typical $6.99 for the other PS1 classics, but hey, we're talking about one of the finest games ever made. And on top of which, it can be played on either the PS3 or PSP, which means another handheld gets a truly fantastic Castlevania (there were more than a few top-notch installments on the GameBoy Advance). The full list of updates looks like this-

As you can see, there are other interesting additions, including that sweet "Making of" video for the hotly anticipated Heavenly Sword and the E3 trailer for Sucker Punch's PS3 exclusive, Infamous . But Symphony of the Night took us all by surprise, and we're just plain ecstatic that it's there.

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