Shipping goals and sales goals are very different, so it wasn't overly impressive to hear that Sony had shipped 1 million PS3s to Japan as of January 2007. With the Nintendo Wii so far ahead, it's crucial to know how the PS3 is selling in the country of the Rising Sun.

Well, Sony has finally sold its 1 millionth PS3 in Japan, almost a full six months after that January shipping announcement. This report comes from Reuters (sourcing Enterbrain), and it confirms that Sony reached the mark on July 15. Japan is the last major region to reach the 1 million sales plateau; Sony first sold a million PS3s in North America (700,000 were sold in 2006 alone), and as of last month, a million PS3s had been sold in PAL regions. The latter statistic is more significant, simply because the machine didn't launch in that region until March of this year.

The Wii continues to dominate the Japanese market, though, as Nintendo has sold nearly 3 million consoles since the launch in November 2006. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, can't seem to gain any traction, selling only 420,000 total consoles since its launch in November 2005. But the PS3 is apparently making its move, as most analysts predicted with the better availability of the console, lower price point, and increased software lineup. The holiday season will be lots of fun in all regions, that's for sure.

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