Thanks to this clown-themed mushroom cloud advertisement , our expectations began to grow: could this be for a brand new Twisted Metal for the PS3? Unfortunately, after IGN dug a little deeper, it seems our dreams are dashed.

The image apparently originated on the portfolio website of Frederik Samuel, who works in advertising, graphic and webpage design. The image is no longer on the site, but they did say it was created as a product of TBWA, Paris and Art Director Philippe Taroux. In response to the picture, Taroux said it was simply from a general Sony campaign. "The idea of a clown is not linked to one game," he said. "It's an explosion of fun." He concluded by saying Sony didn't ask him to make the cloud in any particular shape.

When IGN asked about the possibility of a new Twisted Metal project, Sony PR specialist Alex Armour simply replied-

"No, we don't have anything in the works at this time."

Aw, that's no good. Oh well, we can always hope that Sony will come to their senses and bring the franchise back, but for now, it looks like we were all reading a little too much into that "explosion of fun."

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