Never say never. Possibly the most anticipated upcoming PC title, Crysis , has no chance of coming to the PS3. At least, that's what we had been led to believe by multiple reliable sources over the past year. Despite all the rumors you may have heard, it's just not happening. …right?

Well, take a gander at this: it's a job listing on Crytek's official website, and as you can see, they're looking for a PS3 programmer. Now, obviously, this doesn't necessarily mean that Crysis will come to the PS3; the developer could simply be working on another title for Sony's platform. But even if that's true, it's truly huge news.

Hey, these things happen. Epic Games developed Gears of War for the Xbox 360 – which Microsoft published – and now, they're bringing Unreal Tournament 3 exclusively to the PS3 in 2007. And with all this momentum building for the PS3 following the price cut and E3, couldn't a Crytek PS3 title be possible? We'll try to get to the bottom of this as fast as we can, so stay tuned.

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