E3 may be over, but the biggest game show in Japan – the Tokyo Game Show – is coming up in September. That's not far off, and Sony has revealed that, once again, their president will deliver the keynote address for the event. However, contrary to all the years past, that person is not Ken Kutaragi.

No, that's new Sony president, Kazuo Hirai. His keynote address is entitled, "The Expanding PlayStation World, Business Strategy For New Growth." Kutaragi stepped down earlier this year in the midst of swirling controversy surrounding the poor PS3 launch, and many believed Hirai was the right man for the job. Kutaragi, known as "The Father of PlayStation," passed the torch without too much fanfare, and Sony Corporation changed forever.

Kutaragi announced the pre-launch price drop of the PS3 at last year's TGS, which actually happened, and we might hear more about the pricing strategy at this year's show. Remember, the 80GB PS3 is replacing the 60GB, and Sony said they'll "reevaluate" the market to determine if/when they'll drop the $599 price tag of the newer model. Make sure to check back with us for the best TGS coverage on the 'Net!

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