Much to the dismay of many RPG fans, Final Fantasy XIII was a no-show at E3. However, that doesn't mean we have no news concerning the epic blockbuster. Thanks to yesterday's PlayStation Premier event, many publishers chose to release new information, especially to Japan's biggest gaming publication, Famitsu.

Square-Enix's Shinji Hashimoto told Famitsu that playable demos of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are currently in the works, and will arrive in 2008. Now, we don't know exactly when they'd hit the PlayStation Network, but we're hoping for early 2008. If it's any later, we might have to wait for both games until next year's holiday season…which may actually happen, if the latest rumor from Game Informer is true…

But anyway, Hashimoto also said we can expect new videos for both games "in the coming months," which leads us to believe the Tokyo Game Show in September is the target. We'll keep you updated with any more FF updates as times goes on.

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