Online retailer was quick to offer a PS3 bundle in the U.S. (Sony Blu-Ray/DVD remote, Blu-Ray copy of "Memento," and five more free Blu-Ray movies of your choosing from a select list), and now, Amazon UK is taking advantage of the price drop as well.

They're offering two sweet deals, actually (check here for the details), and you Euro gamers really ought to take advantage. The first choice includes the PS3, three games, an extra Sixaxis controller, and an HDMI cable for the very reasonable price tag of £424.99. The second option includes the PS3, two games, extra controller, and HDMI cable for £399.97.

"To make buying a PlayStation 3 easier on your wallet, we've created a fantastic money-saving bundle that includes a PlayStation 3 console, extra controller, HDMI cable and three games for only £424.99. Alternatively you can get a PlayStation 3 console, extra controller, HDMI cable and two games for £399.97."

At the site, you'll see your choices for games, and all you have to do is pick up the console, make your selections, and end up with a whole bunch of extra stuff for a very small price. We do notice that Virtua Fighter 5 is listed under the "combination outline" for the first bundle choice, which means you choose two more (not three more) games. If you haven't nabbed the PS3 already, UK consumers, now's the time.

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