Resident Evil 4 was a landmark achievement of the last generation, and its quality effectively revitalized the legendary franchise. Therefore, just about everyone has been anxiously anticipating the release of the fifth – and first next-generation – entry in the series. Capcom never issued a solid release date, but we had hoped to see it some time in the first half of 2008.

Unfortunately, according to the latest Famitsu issue, it seems we'll have to wait longer. Resident Evil 5 producer, Jun Takeuchi, told the publication that the survival/horror title wouldn't make it for 2008, although he did say a 2010 release would be "too late." Obviously, the game now seems to be scheduled for a 2009 release…so says logic.

The only other detail we could find from Famitsu was the fact that we'd be playing as Chris Redfield, a well-known character from the series. But it appears you'll have to take Resident Evil 5 off your "must-have" list for 2008, and make it the first title on your 2009 list. The game is being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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