Historically, the online universe isn't a popular place for fighting games. However, with Virtua Fighter 5 going online for the Xbox 360, it seems Namco Bandai's competing PS3 fighter, Tekken 6 , needed to step up and equal the announcement. And…that's exactly what they did at yesterday's PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo.

According to Impress Watch, the publisher revealed that – much like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection OnlineTekken 6 will indeed feature online play. Furthermore, it's only one of several new gameplay modes that will appear in the highly anticipated title. As of now, the arcade version is scheduled to arrive some time later this year, and it the home version should appear on the PS3 in 2008. When, we have no idea, but at least we know online compatibility is part of this glorious fighting package.

Smacking the snot out of someone ten thousand miles away certainly is an appealing thought, isn't it?

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