A supposedly leaked "release list" for Bethesda Softworks claims to show that their magnum opus, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (which has been heating up the sales charts on PC and Xbox 360), will be released for the Playstation 3 at launch and…the PSP?

PS2 AMF Extreme Bowling 2006 (Mud Duck) 9-May-06
XBX AMF Extreme Bowling 2006 (Mud Duck) 9-May-06
PS2 IHRA Sportsman Edition 9-May-06
XBX IHRA Sportsman Edition 9-May-06
PS2 Pirates Of The Caribbean:Legend of Jack Sparrow 1-Jun-06
PS2 Star Trek – Battlestations 6-Oct-06
360 Star Trek – Legacy 6-Oct-06
DS Star Trek – Tactical Assault 6-Oct-06
PSP Star Trek – Tactical Assault 6-Oct-06
PS3 Oblivion 6-Nov-06
PSP Oblivion 6-Nov-06

While Bethesda has since denied that there are any plans to release the game on those formats, there is the possibility that they are saving up for an official announcement at E3. The PSP port, easily the most intriguing part of the rumor, raises questions on how the system would handle Oblivion's cutting-edge graphics and loading. It should be noted that there is a cell phone version of the game, though, and Bethesda may be seeking a similar route for any potential PSP release – a scaled-down/alternate Cyrodiil or perhaps a side-story of sorts.

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