The 60GB PS3 may only last for a few more months – or perhaps through the end of the year, depending on which source you believe – so perhaps that's causing the sales spike. Or, if you want to examine the positive side of things, you can attribute interest in Sony's machine to the new $499 price tag and a great E3 showing.

But while Sony continues to pump out the 60GB PS3s at a very fast pace, they still can't keep up with this newfound demand. The console is already sold out at , and while impressive, it's not as impressive as this- Wal-Mart, the biggest consumer retailer, is also sold out of PS3s. As you can see at their website , the item is currently "Out of Stock," with no mention of when they expect more.

One last note- you will also see a Wal-Mart PS3 promotion listed there: if you purchase the system, you will also get five free Blu-Ray movies (apparently not of your own choosing) for free. This is similar to Amazon's deal, although the latter also throws in a Sony Blu-Ray remote and a Blu-Ray copy of "Memento." Yes indeed, the PS3's popularity continues to grow…

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