We all got the first taste of a next generation Gran Turismo last Christmas with Gran Turismo HD Concept , and we heard another taste – Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – was on the way this year. The announcement came at last week's E3, and we pined for more information…no, seriously, pined .

At the PlayStation Premier event in Tokyo today, Polyphony revealed that Prologue would be available in Japan this October. This pseudo-demo will feature a bunch of cars (duh), including several that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The game will also have online play, but we really don't know how much it will cost. Currently, the price is listed as "TBA," which makes us believe it won't be a free download.

But as this is Gran Turismo , we're willing to bet most gamers would gladly fork over a few bucks to play Prologue . We'll let you know as soon as they nail down a price, and also when they clarify North American details.

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