We learned yesterday that Ninja Theory was nearing completion on the hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive, Heavenly Sword . We also found out a demo was actually completed; the team was simply waiting for the go-ahead to put it on the PlayStation Store.

Well, according to one source (Gamers-Creed), it seems that demo is arriving for the European Store on July 26. Now, we're going to see if we can confirm that with the developers themselves, and also if we can nail down a demo date for North America. Normally, these types of things hit the NA Store before the European Store (no offense to all you Euro gamers out there), so does this mean we get it earlier than July 26?

As one of the best-looking games at E3, Heavenly Sword seems to be moving right along, progressing at a rapid clip…and hopefully, we'll see optimal results. That demo for July would be great to have, especially after the game's hype increased at E3 last week.

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