The news of a price drop for the 60GB PS3 fueled sales of Sony's console across the country. Then, when Sony announced the 80GB PS3 would eventually replace the 60GB model once all stock of the latter is depleted, sales skyrocketed even higher. In the midst of it all, one of the most popular bundles came from a 60GB PS3, Sony Blu-Ray remote, a Blu-Ray copy of "Memento," plus 5 more Blu-Ray movies, all for that new $499 price tag.

It hasn't even been a week since this nice bundle went on sale, and it's already on temporary hiatus. Why? Well, because so many people took advantage of the offer, Amazon is currently sold out of the 60GB PS3. They currently expect a re-stock on July 22, so if you haven't leaped at the opportunity yet, you're gonna have to wait. More than a few gamers have been waiting for that price drop, and with the more appealing price tag of $499, it's no surprise to see such a sales surge.

Of course, it certainly helped that was offering nearly $150 worth of extras for free in that deal. And this doesn't mean the deal is done; it should continue once they receive more PS3s to sell.

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