Earlier, we published a story concerning the seemingly never-ending rumor that Epic Games is developing a " Gears of War -like" IP exclusively for the PS3. The rumor gained plenty of steam, most recently due to a news posting on News 4 Gamers (N4G) that featured a 1Up Podcast where the idea of a PS3 exclusive "set in the Gears universe" reappeared.

However, Epic's Mark Rein was good enough to clear this up once and for all, calling the ceaseless rumor "complete nonsense."

"We've shot down this Gears of War on PS3 idea about a hundred times already," said Rein in an e-mail to PSXE. "Microsoft is the publisher of Gears of War. Unless Microsoft wants to publish it on PS3 then it won't be published on PS3."

When asked about the general rumor regarding Epic developing an exclusive IP for the PS3, Rein confirmed that the team only has two IPs currently in development: Gears of War for PC and Unreal Tournament 3 . Gears is most certainly NOT for the PS3, while UT 3 was confirmed as a 2007 PS3 exclusive last week at E3.

Obviously, we're plenty excited about UT 3, and we turn your attention to Rein's recent GameSpot interview , where we learn a lot about the game. Sounds promising, yes? But anyway, we thank Mark Rein for solidifying everything, and hopefully, this will kill what he called a "silly rumor" once and for all.

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