Now that the beta testing for Warhawk is complete, speculation regarding what additions Incognito will make to the final version has begun. The beta was a blast, but obviously, the final retail product should be bigger and better. The only question is, how will it be bigger and better?

According to PS3Fanboy, the following list of upgrades are in store for the final version, but we can't find official confirmation for such an announcement. We do like the idea of more weapons and vehicles, of course – and that idea does make sense – but so far, we can't say this is fact.

Huge graphical update – We don't know how "huge," but the beta didn't look bad at all.

Expanded matches (32 vs 32 rather than 32 max players) – The only way we see this happening is if the maps are bigger than they were in the beta. Even 16 vs. 16 seemed cramped at times.

Plenty of downloadable content upon launch – This probably wouldn't surprise anyone, but the word "plenty" is awfully vague.

Six new weapons – For the airships or for our characters on the ground…or both?

Four new vehicles – Same question as above. In the beta, there were two airships, along with jeeps and tanks.

Hopefully, Sony or Incognito will confirm or deny this rumor soon. The closer we get to the release of Warhawk , the more information we expect to find…

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