It made quite the impact at E3 (Arnold certainly seemed to like it), and lately, more and more gamers are starting to pay close attention to Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword . The fast-action title with the fire-haired heroine is looking good, and better yet, it might be ready sooner than anticipated.

Chief Technology Developer, "Ninja Mikey," of Ninja Theory has posted his E3 thoughts on the Official Ninja Theory forum, and it includes some very interesting quotes regarding the development process and a playable demo!

"Well, let me just tell you all that the dev team has finished work on the demo.. that's it… it's in the bag… so now it's a case of Sony deciding when they feel is the best time to release it to PlayStation Network."

Oh yeah? We certainly hope to see that demo soon, and if it's as good as we hope it'll be, plenty of PS3 owners will suddenly add Heavenly Sword to their "must-have" list for the holidays. In regards to the full game, Mikey had this to say-

"The Ninja team is now in the closing stage of development. We are quite literally fixing bugs and then it's done."

More good news. Hopefully, this is one game that will really impress us, and the sooner it arrives, the better. The PS3 has plenty of great games scheduled for 2007, but if you ask most people who attended E3, it seems Heavenly Sword is hotly anticipated. We anxiously await that demo!

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