Update: Almost as expected, Sony is denying the existence of any such controller, and according to IGN, the SCE employee's comments to Kotaku were "taken out of context." But we'll keep an eye on things… something is definitely "rumbling" in the underground news channels.

Original Story:

In news destined to be one of the biggest announcements since E3's conclusion, a Sony representative has apparently confirmed that the rumble feature will return to the PlayStation controller. And even more intriguing- there is an accompanying rumor that says the rumbling Sixaxis will make its debut with the new 80GB PS3 model, which is scheduled to arrive next month.

Kotaku is reporting that a SCE employee confirmed the new controller is "on the way," but no other details could be found. Further, the idea that this force-feedback Sixaxis will arrive with the 80GB PS3 is nothing more than a rumor at this point (this speculation dropped earlier last week). However, Sony and Immersion just recently settled their ongoing court battle concerning the rights to this technology, so the timing seems to make sense.

We'll see if Sony decides to make an official announcement at some point today, and if so, we'll be quick to let you know. In the meantime, let's hope this Sony employee knows what he/she is talking about…

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