If you're in the UK and you need a bit of a jump-start to purchase a PS3, why not consider that upcoming Starter Pack? According to ThreeSpeech, SCEUK has confirmed that this sweet Pack will be available in the UK between July 18 and August 1, so we suggest you take advantage while you can.

The bundle features two first-party titles, two wireless Sixaxis controllers, and the retail price tag sits at £425. The first-party titles will vary depending on the "interests of each country," and will – of course – boast options that include Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm . The UK's Starter Pack software options are as follows: Resistance: Fall of Man , MotorStorm , Formula One: Championship Edition , Genji Days of Blade and Ridge Racer 7 .

“The exceptional value of the new Starter Pack will bring the excitement of PlayStation gaming to a much wider audience," said President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reeves. "Add to this a stellar lineup of software titles for the second half of the year and we are confident that this amazing value Starter Pack will encourage many more keen gamers to join the PlayStation 3 community."

How "exceptional" is the value of the Starter Pack? Well, let's see- the first-party software retails for £39.99 and Sixaxis controllers retail for £34.99. Add it up, and you come to an added value of £115 over the original PS3 hardware launch price of £425. That's not bad at all, now is it? The European price of the Starter Pack, by the way, is €599, which is the same as the original launch retail tag.

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