One of the biggest announcements of E3 was the fact that Epic would be releasing Unreal Tournament 3 exclusively for the PS3 and PC this year. And thanks to a GameSpot interview with Epic's Mark Rein, we know a great deal more about the development process, and exactly what we can expect.

Rein was first asked how things were progressing, and why the team selected the PS3 as its chosen console exclusive. He replied that they were "really excited about being able to tap the power" of the PS3, and made a comparison to 2006's amazing Gears of War for the Xbox 360. Rein said that UT 3 is actually running better on the PS3 this year than Gears was on the 360 last year! And considering how great the latter turned out, we're even more excited for UT 3!

Rein also spoke about the "openness" of the PlayStation Network, and why it was ideal for user-created mods. Furthermore, this will go far beyond creating a level or two; you could actually take the Unreal tools, develop a whole game on your PC, and transport them over to the PS3. As he said, "the sky's the limit; users can create their own complete games." And of course, simply because it's Unreal Tournament , there will be a whole lot of downloadable content, and much of it will be free.

Lastly, it appears the motion sensing capabilities of the Sixaxis will make an appearance in the game as well; Rein details a section of the multiplayer action that uses a hoverboard. Yep, you use the Sixaxis to control that hoverboard, and he calls it "brilliant." As for UT 3 on the 360, he did confirm it would arrive "eventually" next year.

If you're not excited for Unreal Tournament 3 by now, you simply don't like games.

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