While it may seem like old news to many, Half-Life 2 is stil a great game even if it is three years old. The Xbox port was an average port, though severely downgraded in comparison to its PC brother. Well, it's been years in the making, and Half-Life 2 is finally getting console worthy ports, arguably for the first time ever. I got a chance to check out Episode 2, and Valve has done a great job at bringing the game over.

The console ports seem to look better than the PC original, by improving on texture detail and character detail. And because we are playing on machines with fixed spec (unlike PCs), Half-Life 2 was also running at a solid framerate on both systems. If you've ever played Half-Life 2, then you know what to expect. For those who haven't, you can expect to play a first person shooter with great story-telling, incredible physics, and superb action to match.

Half-Life 2's physics properties were one of the defining traits of the game three ago, and they continue to be impressive even today. Tweaks have been made to accommodate the superior technology behind the next-gen consoles, so gamers will be seeing even better physics calculations than the original. Then of course you have all of the additional content that's being packed into the Orange Box and you just know Half-Life 2: The Orange Box is a no-brainer purchase.

I really didn't have to tell you any of this, because all that needed to be said was that this is a proper port and it's running very well. The fact that it's Half-Life 2 should've been enough to clue you in that this game rocks, otherwise.

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