With Disney securing the Turok license after Acclaim's fold years ago, it was a mystery to most of us wondering what direction will the game be taken to under a new developer and publisher. Well, once we found out that this Turok is an all new game that features no ties to the past games, our expectations r. Developer Propaganda Games has done a fantastic job with the new Turok game, and it's shaping up to erase the franchise's smeared reputation.

The game now takes place in the future, and combat isn't limited to dinosaurs, but also against humans. The artificial intelligence between both life forms is fantastic and also interactive. Enemy A.I. will not solely target you, but in fact also target each other. So you'll often see dinosaurs attacking opposing humans, or even dinosaurs attacking each other. When I fired a flare nearby an enemy human, it diverted attention away from me and the dinos scattered to the flare instead. Upon spotting the flare, they also spotted the human nearby it, and proceeded to massacre him. Awesome.

Turok also employs fantastic gameplay mechanics, mixing stealth and action, while also discouraging the run and gun approach that your everyday fps title is known for. You can take cover in shrubbery, whip out your knife and perform a stealth kill on any A.I. presence around you. And believe me, the stealth kills are awesome. If you're looking to be stealthy, but would still like to wield a long-range weapon, then whip out the bow and arrow – and have fun. Turok is all about flexibility, and I'm sure gamers will absolutely love the game for it.

You can say that Disney and Propaganda have successfully resurrected Turok, as it's certainly a great playing title.

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