I recently previewed The Club based on what I knew about the game from Sega's press release. After finishing my preview my anticipation for the game began to rise considerably. I described at as Twisted Metal, minus the wheels, and after playing it at E3, that's almost exactly what it felt like. In short, The Club was awesome. It was non-stop action from beginning to end, and the whole points system really encourages you to play the game properly. When fulfilling your points requirement at the end of each stage, you'll be rewarded – so it is in the interest of the gamer to play The Club to the best of his/her abilities.

Visually, Bizarre Creations has done a fantastic job with the game, as it sports superb textures everywhere you look on top of a silky smooth framerate. Likewise, picture clarity was precise and sharp, and there weren't any apparent aliasing issues, so jaggies were minimal here. The explosions definitely looked great, igniting the entire screen with fire. While we already knew this, it's nice having The Club be a third person shooter, as opposed to a first person shooter.

The stage layouts were linear, and described as a 'race track' of sorts, where you'll have to follow the open path in order to progress. Even though the game is linear, it's done so to ensure that the action never settles – and we like that. The shooting was a lot of fun, and the entire game itself felt very solid. You're also able to use the environment's destruction to your liking, so feel free to blow up an oil keg and take out a number of enemies simultaneously.

The Club is precisely the type of game that has very high potential to catch on with hordes of online gamers. Online matches will certainly be tons of fun. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

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