While it may seem a little unorthodox to preview a game that is coming out for the Xbox 360 this year, we've been informed that Ace Combat 6 is only a timed exclusive to Microsoft's platform. With that in mind, I took the liberty of spending some time with AC6 and I walked away fairly impressed.

First off, the game plays great. There's an improved feel in mechanics and each aircraft flies with unique weight properties. You can feel the weight of the aircraft, and it really adds a considerable amount of immersion to the game. The action was heart-pounding, to say the least. Enemy A.I. will target you frequently, and getting away from their rocket fire is just part of the fun. The amount of enemy aircrafts present on screen is amazing, so missions last longer than before. Likewise, the controls continue to feel great, and that's largely due to the feel of the aircrafts.

I wasn't extremely wowed by the graphics, as they just seemed to be missing some of that next-gen pizazz, which made the game look a bit dull. But I did enjoy the explosions, and especially the steady framerate. And if explosions are your thing, there's a missile cam that you can prompt immediately after you shoot a missile at an enemy. After firing, if you hold down the missile button the perspective will shift to that of the last missile you fired. It's extremely satisfying to watch a missile make contact and see the explosion so close up. All in all, AC6 was extremely fun, and PS3 owners should look forward to it once Namco-Bandai announce it officially.

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